Writing Mentoring and Creative Transformation Coaching

I am a creative transformational coach and a writing mentor. I charge an hourly fee of £75.00 for conference calls on all aspects of writing, editing and publishing.

I charge an hourly rate for Creative Transformation Coaching and have packages available for individual clients. Please contact me for details.

Emily is a passionate believer in the transformational power of art and creativity to create holistic changes in people’s lives and to foster novel ways of thinking and problem solving. I use mind renewal techniques to rewire the brain from negative thinking to positive thinking. Her operating principles have a life changing effect on her client’s, with transformation taking place mentally, emotionally and physically which in turn impacts all aspects of her client’s lives.

Emily’s insight and support on the way we are wired, the positive affirmations and focusing on what I want in my life really helped me as did focusing on positive thoughts and what I want out of life and out of a partner. Emily’s help in being able to pin point what areas I need to work on really helped me get specific. Emily has such a caring nature, I feel like I have learnt how to relax more and look at thoughts and situations in another way rather than focusing on the negatives and poor me – Joanna Lynn, Perth, Australia

I’ve done other courses and healing modalities but I really like Emily’s focus on changing mindsets and beliefs. Her exercises are practical, clear and directly effective. I felt 100% supported by Emily, very safe and comfortable, I felt I could say or tell her anything. I felt heard – Mabinte Van der Pelt, Holland

Emily is a super-shifter, being around her is so inspiring. My session was so enlightening and I’m taking steps to change some behaviours and set into action what we discussed

Dianne Samuels, Musician and Children’s Book Author

My coaching session was totally powerful and Emily turned things around for me in such a short time – Dr Ruth Fanstone