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Are you interested in publishing? Join me as I share my experience and knowledge as a prize-winning writer and publisher. Please contact me to register your interest or to reserve a place.

Online Editing Seminar, Thursday, February 11th, 7 pm, UK time

Online Publishing Seminar – Soon to be announced, please register your interest

Online Marketing Seminar – Soon to be announced, please register your interest

Cost: £12.00 per 1 hour session Please DM me at [email protected] for payment details

Stop 1 Starting your Writing Journey Soon to be announced, please register your interest

Stop 2 Progressing in your Writing Journey Soon to be announced, please register your interest

Stop 3 Journeying to your Writing Goal, Saturday 14 February, 11.30 UK time Soon to be announced, please register your interest

Cost: £37.50 for 4x 1hr Saturday morning sessions

Stops 1,2 and 3 of the Starting to Write journey subscription packages are suitable for writers who are at the start of their writing journey or for those that have already begun, but not finished work or are moving towards finishing a longer piece of work and want to inject new life into their writing. Whether you hope to write a book, play, or a collection of short stories, this course will inspire you anew and invigorate you afresh. Please see sample content from Stop 1, below:

 Week 1. Exploring the Why and the Why not?

Why do you want to write?

How and when do you want to write? Valuing your writing.

Creating the write environment – life maps

Writing times and targets

Week 2. Finding Your Voice

What do you want to write about?

What are your passions and preoccupations? Taking note.

What’s the big idea? Finding stories within and without through experimentation and writing triggers

Week 3. Getting Going

How do you sustain your writing work?

Ignoring the critic and getting going

Discover what you want to write about and the best form for you, through writing exercises and critical feedback

Week 4.

Developing your idea into a narrative

When to let it be and when to cut shape and polish

Opening yourself up: reading your work aloud and receiving critical feedback

Sustaining a writing practice

*Content does sometimes vary according to group needs – courses are tailor made and adjusted where necessary!

*Homework Writing Exercises will be set for each week

*Admission to Facebook group to encourage and critique

Cost £37.50 Please contact me for payment details

Coming Soon:

Writing a Novel

Writing Stories

Writing Plays and Scripts

£42.50 for 1x a week for 4x hours

4 x 1 hour session for £37.50 for the month.

Given the variety of topics covered, the sessions are suitable for writers of all types: authors, poets, playwrights, copywriters, and content writers. 

In the writing sessions, I will be helping you to develop and sustain a writing practice that works for you. We will look at how to source, research, and develop material as well as examine elements of craft, structure, style, and voice, as well as looking at the basics of grammar and punctuation and how to craft a good sentence. I will also help you to read critically and dissect textual material so that you will better know what not to do, which in turn will help you know what to do.

In the editing and publishing seminars, we will look at the publishing market and trends, in both traditional, indie, and self-publishing, and how to get your manuscript in shape for publication – the process of drafting and editing. We will look at what editors and publishers expect, how to write a great pitch or a synopsis, and how to give yourself your best possible chance of breaking into the book market in order to actually sell books. That pesky, yet vital area of marketing will be covered – in the marketing seminar: how to market your books, and also how to write marketing materials that are standard in the book trade if you are going to self-publish.

Please inbox me for more details or to let me know what suits you and to register your interest or reserve a slot. Emily can arrange for one to one personal tutoring to help with any aspect of your writing. These can be done via WhatsApp, Facebook Meeting Room or Facetime. Please contact Emily for details and information on how to sign up.

As well as an award-winning author, Emily is also an established literary (novels and poetry) and academic editor. She has provided a full editing service for and published seven books, and her edited work has appeared in many academic journals and books. She regularly edits work for academics in the social anthropology sector, and her regular clients include Dr. Simon Richard Hillman (Engineering) and Dr. Judit Durst (Social Anthropologist and Chair at UCL in London). She has worked on Business Proposal for a luxury resort in Malaysia and helps students with their essays and proposals; the fields of aerospace engineering, music and literature, and the arts amongst them. 

For more information please contact Emily at, [email protected]

“Emily has been editing my published work for over ten years now. Her work has helped me have my work published in several books and academic journals. She is my go-to editor for all aspects of editing. She is brilliant.”  Dr. Judit Durst, UCL London

“Emily first edited for me 13 years ago for my doctoral thesis. She is so widely read, and has a real ability to grasp complex academic writing across genres; this, coupled with her being an award-winning writer herself, as well as having such a firm grip on the English language, makes her a real cut above the rest.” Dr Simon Richard Hillman, Kings College, London.

“I could not have had my first paper published by the journal if Emily had not rewritten and restructured my paper. Being a Hungarian writer in translation, I needed Emily’s expertise to polish my English work and I was over the moon when I had my first paper published after she had worked on it.” Veronika Nagy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest

“She has worked a miracle on this paper…” Margit Feischmidt, Intersections Journal, Editor in Chief

“Emily has been an essential component in these papers coming to publication.” Nora Kovacs, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest

“My thanks to Emily for making my dream a reality, in seeing me through the publishing process. Emily – the ‘editor midwife,’ – patient and wise, in helping me deliver Elin’s Air. Emily Stanford, author of Elin’s Air

A huge big Thank you to my wonderful Editor Emily Hillman. Without your ongoing support to write the book, it wouldn’t be out there. You helped me so much to develop the story into something readable and worked day and night to get it printed on time for the Book Launch. I am also so very grateful for you holding my hand during this sometimes challenging journey. I love you!” Bettina Blume, Author of “Won Ton and Hissie”

“It’s been a pleasure seeing how your suggestions made my poetry stronger. Thank you for everything you did. So glad you were recommended you to me. You’re a gift.” Sade Temiola, Author of poetry and prose book, The Silence that Falls