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Emily Barroso the Zimbabwean author of ‘After the Rains,’ and ‘Big Men’s Boots.’ She is trying to be a wife, mum, home-educator of three, author and editor all at the same time, with varying degrees of success. On a good day she manages to comb her hair, but usually just with her fingers as a brush (other than a paintbrush) can never be found. She has coined a new term for these multifarious endeavours: multifarceking. Having lived in the head of a young girl in the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe civil war, and dwelt, through Owen Evans, in the mountainous landscape of the early twentieth century, she is currently feeling very grown up, as spectral-like, she inhabits the bodies of a number of women in the present day during the writing of her her third novel, a contemporary satire. The epic task of the mountain of housework valiantly continues, but she keeps sliding down the scree and having to climb up all over again.  

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    • Hello Again, Hello... 17th January 2019
      Hello again, hello, I just called to say hello…yes, Neil Diamond. Hope you all had a splendid Christmas. We did. We moved house just in time to get the tree in and the tinsel up. Christmas always begins with the arrival of my eldest son, complete with his renegade humour and a wonderful portrait of […]
    • Oh Come All Ye #Humanists and #Atheists, build your altars, it's ChristMass time! 18th December 2018
      I'm advising all my #humanist and #atheist friends not to celebrate Christmas given that this is the festival where believers celebrate the birth of Christ, who we believe was God incarnate in human form. ChristMass=Mass for Christ. Yes, that's the critical mass. Yes, hard to fathom, but fully God and fully man. I shall stop […]
    • God is in #MeTo 12th December 2018
      Christmas is coming and I am dwelling on spiritual matters. Not least as I have just had some interaction with a member of my husband’s family who professes Christianity, yet makes members of my mother’s family look good – suffice to say this person looks ‘nice’ on the inside, says all the right things (in […]
    • #Cathartic #Writing 3rd December 2018
      So back to writing. Let’s look at catharsis. I began writing poems and stories at a young age. In Zimbabwe we had writing competitions that were called, wait for it, given I now live in Wales: Eisteddfods! These must have been instigated by Welsh pioneers (can I still use that word?). Through these poems and […]
    • #Theresa #May not be making rational decisions 30th November 2018
      I was going to bang on about writing today, but important as writing is, it seems, when people’s lives are at stake, writing about writing seems frivolous; and stake is a good word in terms of the mediaeval imagery it conjures up. It appears that Asia Bibi is not going to be offered asylum in […]
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