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Emily Barroso the Zimbabwean author of ‘After the Rains,’ and ‘Big Men’s Boots.’ She is trying to be a wife, mum, home-educator of three, author and editor all at the same time, with varying degrees of success. On a good day she manages to comb her hair, but usually just with her fingers as a brush (other than a paintbrush) can never be found. She has coined a new term for these multifarious endeavours: multifarceking. Having lived in the head of a young girl in the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe civil war, and dwelt, through Owen Evans, in the mountainous landscape of the early twentieth century, she is currently feeling very grown up, as spectral-like, she inhabits the bodies of a number of women in the present day during the writing of her her third novel, a contemporary satire. The epic task of the mountain of housework valiantly continues, but she keeps sliding down the scree and having to climb up all over again.  

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    • #Writing the #Self 14th November 2018
    • #Twitterstorm 13th November 2018
      Since the #Twitterstorm I’ve mulled over whether to come off Twitter. It’s addictive. You search out those notifications. You likely get a #serotonin hit when people support your thinking, but the hatred is real and ugly – the ones you ignore ramp up the evil and people like, even love emoji it. During #Twiterstorm, the […]
    • 6 #Evolving #Rules for #Twits 12th November 2018
      Twits = Twitter users who cannot think for themselves/back up their reactionary statements.Disclaimer: I did not intend to set myself up as a #JordanPeterson apologist, but I believe in free speech, and credit where credit is due despite political leanings.*Qualification for comment needs to come from experience or at least a cross-sectional study of works being […]
    • #Hearts and #Minds 9th November 2018
      #BBCQuestionTime last night was partly interesting and partly frustrating in terms of not enough balance on the panel – personally I would have liked to have heard more from #DavidAaronovitch and #JordanPeterson, particularly on the actions of the left to shut down debate that differs from theirs, on campuses as far as they affected David’s […]
    • #Class, #Education and #Patriarchy 8th November 2018
      I often can’t stand the hypocrisy of champagne socialists. Many of my friends with whom I have clashed politically with have lived very privileged lives in in some of the most expensive areas of London. I didn’t see many of them accessing council housing or not sending their kids to private schools having tutored them […]
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