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Emily Barroso the Zimbabwean author of ‘After the Rains,’ and ‘Big Men’s Boots.’ She is trying to be a wife, mum, home-educator of three, author and editor all at the same time, with varying degrees of success. On a good day she manages to comb her hair, but usually just with her fingers as a brush (other than a paintbrush) can never be found. She has coined a new term for these multifarious endeavours: multifarceking. Having lived in the head of a young girl in the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe civil war, and dwelt, through Owen Evans, in the mountainous landscape of the early twentieth century, she is currently feeling very grown up, as spectral-like, she inhabits the bodies of a number of women in the present day during the writing of her her third novel, a contemporary satire. The epic task of the mountain of housework valiantly continues, but she keeps sliding down the scree and having to climb up all over again.  

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    • God is in #MeTo 12th December 2018
      Christmas is coming and I am dwelling on spiritual matters. Not least as I have just had some interaction with a member of my husband’s family who professes Christianity, yet makes members of my mother’s family look good – suffice to say this person looks ‘nice’ on the inside, says all the right things (in […]
    • #Cathartic #Writing 3rd December 2018
      So back to writing. Let’s look at catharsis. I began writing poems and stories at a young age. In Zimbabwe we had writing competitions that were called, wait for it, given I now live in Wales: Eisteddfods! These must have been instigated by Welsh pioneers (can I still use that word?). Through these poems and […]
    • #Theresa #May not be making rational decisions 30th November 2018
      I was going to bang on about writing today, but important as writing is, it seems, when people’s lives are at stake, writing about writing seems frivolous; and stake is a good word in terms of the mediaeval imagery it conjures up. It appears that Asia Bibi is not going to be offered asylum in […]
    • Who, in our ruddy great word stew, writes like you, #DylanThomas? 29th November 2018
      Who, in our ruddy great word stew, writes like you, #DylanThomas?I wrote the above in response to a tweet with a quote from Dylan Thomas written in 1944 courtesy of #The Dylan Thomas Centre: “should never write letters after lunch: I am whimsical, I am porky, there are peas in my ears & my smile […]
    • Why Write? 27th November 2018
      Some writers dream of fame or fortune, though if they do they are either narcissistic or deluded, or a sports or reality show personality. As I plunge more fully into a season of writing, I am considering again why I write. There are a plethora of reasons, but I shall focus on one of my […]
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