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Emily Barroso the Zimbabwean author of ‘After the Rains,’ and ‘Big Men’s Boots.’ She is trying to be a wife, mum, home-educator of three, author and editor all at the same time, with varying degrees of success. On a good day she manages to comb her hair, but usually just with her fingers as a brush (other than a paintbrush) can never be found. She has coined a new term for these multifarious endeavours: multifarceking. Having lived in the head of a young girl in the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe civil war, and dwelt, through Owen Evans, in the mountainous landscape of the early twentieth century, she is currently feeling very grown up, as spectral-like, she inhabits the bodies of a number of women in the present day during the writing of her her third novel, a contemporary satire. The epic task of the mountain of housework valiantly continues, but she keeps sliding down the scree and having to climb up all over again.  

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    • Discombobulated but Bobbing Along 10th November 2019
      It’s a little over a year since I went to hospital for a hysterectomy and six months since chemotherapy ended, there was reconstructive breast surgery on account of dodgy lumps, summer last year as well. The years of preparation for the #1975Inheritance Act case I brought against my stepfather and my sister’s husband, the executors […]
    • #One in Four - A Poem for Mental Health Day 10th October 2019
      One in FourThe statistics are one in fourSooner or later t'will come knock, knock, knocking at the door(Yes, rhyming is what mental folks do!)When they are in a bit of a stewAnd not bob, bob, bobbing alongPlease take the time to become acquaintedWith those imbued with a drone in the headBone memoriesOf things done or things […]
    • Gym Palace 16th September 2019
      As part of my recovery package courtesy of the NHS (thanks everyone, including me). If only there was champagne in that package, and Botox inducing face masks or the like, but no, I am being given cut-rate gym sessions at the local gym (not gin, sadly) palace. I see someone called Dion who takes me through […]
    • Why I brought a #1975InheritanceAct Case 2 9th September 2019
      Blog before last I wrote of my recent win in a #1975Inheritance Act case. Following the blog, The Family as the judge referred to them, left a series of public comments on these pages, basically telling me I deserved cancer. (I have recently recovered from chemotherapy treatment for an ovarian tumour; I also detailed what […]
    • Antisemitic Spite 4th August 2019
      Two of my sons are named after Old Testament prophets. The other is named after the Italian boy of a countess that I once worked for as a teenage AuPair. This OT naming is not particularly unusual nor usually fraught with political barbs, there are mini 'prophets' a plenty, but it became so for me […]
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