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Emily Barroso the Zimbabwean author of ‘After the Rains,’ and ‘Big Men’s Boots.’ She is trying to be a wife, mum, home-educator of three, author and editor all at the same time, with varying degrees of success. On a good day she manages to comb her hair, but usually just with her fingers as a brush (other than a paintbrush) can never be found. She has coined a new term for these multifarious endeavours: multifarceking. Having lived in the head of a young girl in the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe civil war, and dwelt, through Owen Evans, in the mountainous landscape of the early twentieth century, she is currently feeling very grown up, as spectral-like, she inhabits the bodies of a number of women in the present day during the writing of her her third novel, a contemporary satire. The epic task of the mountain of housework valiantly continues, but she keeps sliding down the scree and having to climb up all over again.  

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    • I love London 9th December 2017
      I've had a varied week. Monday and Tuesday were spent in London where I visited my dentist who drilled out my temporary filling, drilled some more and then put a gold filling in. Not a pricey one, a cheap gold, NHS one as my charming dentist told me as she drilled away more of one […]
    • Coup de Grace 15th November 2017
      It’s been a while since I’d have given two Bobs (Mugabe) for the news. But upon my word, riveted, I have been, since hearing of the coup (in both senses, of course) in Zimbabwe. Are the Macbeth’s of Zimbabwe to be foisted from power? Will the ghost of Mugabe be banished from government or will […]
    • Orphanhood 11th July 2017
      My parents are dead and I have had no relationship with my siblings for many years. I’m a midlife orphan. Can one be an orphan and be grown up? In a sense, I was always orphaned. My mother divorced my father when I was five and that was the end of that, supposedly. We were […]
    • Six Months Later 13th June 2017
      It has been six months since I wrote a blog following my mother’s death late last year. I have been too busy letting go of Stuff, ‘stuff’ needing a capital ‘s’ and possibly a Mister or a Field Marshall affixed to it given the way it has tried to take charge of my life. I […]
    • Public Debate Should Never be Characterised by Hate: 4th December 2016
      I have been struck by two events in the press this week, both involving Theresa May. The first also concerns Kate Bush too. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/kate-bush-theresa-may-conservatives-lily-allen-socialism-isolated-who-cares-a7451571.html The other, Theresa May defending the rights of Christians to express their faith in the public arena. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/30/christians-should-not-fear-speaking-faith-work-public-places/Apparently, Kate expressed admiration for Theresa May, as well she might. TM, the daughter of a […]