Writing Workshops

From time to time Emily has holds Writing Workshops. These are small group meetings where she is able to teach, encourage and enable your writing gift. Previous workshops have been held in London and North Wales. Follow Emily on Facebook or keep an eye on this page

Some feedback from Emily’s workshops:

Firstly I love them – I think they are very relaxed but extremely productive. They allow us to take risks, be open about our ideas and also enable us to be creative with our writing in unexpected ways. They definitely inspire me to keep writing.  There is a subtle and very healthy level of accountability there for me which I really appreciate. The group sessions really work for me because as well as the focus/comments/feedback that I may receive pertaining to me I also learn loads and find myself inspired by the response you give to other people in the group. – Bobbi Kumari

The exercises have been enjoyable and useful, I really enjoy listening to other people’s writing, that’s a bonus, sharing ideas. Your thoughts and comments are helpful as are other people’s feedback. – Jo Faith

I thought I would not enjoy having to listen to others tell about their work and you giving advice, but actually it was great, and we kind of all had positive things to say. It really helped me to hear feedback about my stuff, but also about the importance of research for example and other stuff that was said helped as well. I feel like I have a direction, I just need time now. – Irene Nlandu